Tuesday, June 30, 2009

3 Weeks Old!

You are 3 weeks old today Lion Cub! As of yesterday you weighed 9.12 lbs- thats 2.6 lbs in just 3 weeks! You have already outgrown your Nanipoos newborn dipes and all your newborn shirts- you are chunking up day by day! You are cooing more and even started giving us real smiles yesterday- they are rare but you do smile!

Your cold is almost gone and your fussiness seems to be a little bit better now that mama has cut out dairy and almost all chocolate from her diet (not an easy job!!). However, you do still like to clear those lungs when you are awake! We think that you just get bored- that is the way your brother was! You always want to be moving and having a change of scenery! It seems to help if we go outside, but even that doesn't always work! You have also been spending lots of time in our Sleepy Wrap since you seem to have decided that you aren't all that fond of your swing most of the time!

We took you out to eat for the first time this last week for Grammy's birthday! You were a very good boy- nursed thorugh most of the meal and then Grammy got to have some snuggle time with you! We also left you for about an hour with Nana so that Daddy and I could go groccery shopping. Nana loved getting to spend some time with you and your brother! In fact, all your grandparents just adore holding and cuddling you!

Here you are nursing in the Sleepy Wrap

Here we are outside- you love to pull back and look around- especially at our faces!
You are just the sweetest, cutest thing and I love to snuggle you- even more so when you are happy!
Here you are after a bath with your fluffy hair! Baths are getting a little bit better but you still are not a huge fan!

Looking forward to many more adventures with you in this week to come- it's the 4th of July this weekend and we will be heading out to the cabin for your first trip! Lake- here we come!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

2 Weeks Old!

I can't believe that you are already two weeks old today Lion Cub! It has been hard to see you have such a rough start- getting a cold at just a week old and what-not- but you are pushing through and seem to be on the road to recovery.

We think you may have had us fooled for that first week or so, because day-by-day you act more like your brother did when he was a newborn! You definitely don't like to be put down with nothing to do! It seems that the trick with you is constant bouncing and motion! You also like looking at your bright green diaper with the black and white chickens on it- must be the contrast that catches your eye!

Here we are on Father's Day at Grammy & Pappy's house- our Sleepy Wrap was the only way I got to eat dinner!

And here you are meeting your cousin for the first time!

Also just like your brother, you love to sleep on us! Such a snuggler! Of course, whenever we can, we try to catch a few winks when you are asleep as well!

Here are the beginning stages of you finding your thumb- we are beginning to wish that you would "officially" find it a little quicker :-) !
Hangin' with your big bro! He is good at keeping you entertained for me if I can get to you right away or need to go rinse out your diaper! He loves and adores you very much!!
You are a sweet boy, and although you may be giving us a run for our money (just like your big brother!) it just goes to show us that you fit perfectly into our family! We love you so much!