Tuesday, August 25, 2009

11 Weeks!

Well Lion Cub, we took you for your two month check-up last Friday and the doctor informed us that you are the size of the average 4 month old!!! You are 24.5" long and 14 lbs (and gaining an ounce a day!)! You have outgrown all of your brother's old summer clothes and he was even older than you are by this point in the year! Crazy! Nana calls you her little butterball turkey! You are such a chunk, and although you are killing my back, you are too stinkin' cute to be too upset over it!

You seem to do best when there is lots going on around you and lots of people! We went up to a local orchard for a friend's birthday party over the weekend and you were so content and happy!

We also went to Grandma's for the day so mama could get some work done on the computer!

You were fairly good, if not a little fussy, but you enjoyed watching the boys play and getting some snuggle time in with your great-grandma!

You also rode on my back for the first time while I completed some chores that desperately needed to get done!

You love watching your big brother- he is shear entertainment for you! You are cooing, talking and blowing bubbles like crazy and your smile is just killer! We love you and the joy you bring to our lives!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

10 Weeks!

Well, this week was a definite turning point for you little man! You were much more calm and content! We discovered that, at last, you will suck on my pinky to soothe yourself, and if we help you, even suck your thumb! You have fallen asleep many times now without fussing because you were sucking! Hallelujah!

Turning point #2- You have started to enjoy your bath!! You are so cute kicking and splashing!

Turning point #3- you got your first hair cut!! You patiently laid on your changing table and let me cut off an inch of hair (and you still have tons!)! Now your cheeks look even chubbier and I think you look like you are ready to join the army! You are so adorable!!


The Hair!


You were so good at your cousin's birthday party! You were just content watching everyone and hanging out- so not normal for you, but so wonderful!

You and your great-grandma

You with your great-aunt Rena

Turning point #4- you will actually lay on your belly for little periods of time. You were even trying to kick with your feet and were smiling and cooing the whole time! Plus, you looked so cute in your Gro Baby diaper!

Here are some of my other favorite pics of you from this week!

We have more fun with you everyday and look forward to every new day to come! We love you!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

9 Weeks Old!!

Well Lion Cub, this last week was much better! We took you to the chiropractor for the first time last Thursday and she said that you were definitely in need of an adjustment! I don't know if that is why you have been a little more content or if it is just you getting older, but something is helping!

You actually laid on your boppy and "watched" Baby Einstein for a few extended periods this week (15-20 minutes) which was a HUGE reprieve for mama! You also have begun to develop a little bit more predictable routine, which has made planning our days a little bit easier. It is also helpful to kind of know when the crying will cease (you still fight sleep like a wild banchee!)!

You interact more and more every week! You are blowing bubbles like crazy and have started making this adorable little high-pitched squeal when you are excited! You even almost laughed this week when we were dancing your arms around and singing you the theme song from the latest Baskin Robbins commercial (Ice-cream and tasty treats, ice-cream and tasty treats! Ice-cream and cake, do the ice-cream and cake!)- you really get a kick out of it!

We love you so much and can't imagine our family without you! You are such a sweet boy!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

8 Weeks Old!

Well little man, it was a pretty darn busy week! We spent lots of time with Nana Bubbe last Wednesday. We went to the pool at her and Papa's apartment and your brother had a ball- you just enjoyed being outside!

You had a very eventful day in your diapering life that day too! You managed to completely leak on me and Nana- twice! It was just pee, but crazy leaks no less, so I had to borrow two pairs of shorts from Nana in total! Apparently those diapers don't fit so well anymore! Your growth amazes me!

We got out the little play gym for you to lay under this week. If you are in the right mood you actually kind of enjoy it! Occasionally you accidentally hit one of the toys with your flailing arms which surprises you and seems to bring you great joy! Very cute!

You got to meet your Aunt Laurie (Grammy's sister) and Auntie Barbara (Grammy's aunt) this last week. They were up from California for a visit and it was nice to have more arms to pass you around to! You (and they) soaked up the attention!

(Aunt Laurie)

(Auntie Barbara)

Your new matching motorcycle Tees!


Don't worry buddy, we were right there to catch you should your brother let go! He just loves holding you so much!