Tuesday, August 18, 2009

10 Weeks!

Well, this week was a definite turning point for you little man! You were much more calm and content! We discovered that, at last, you will suck on my pinky to soothe yourself, and if we help you, even suck your thumb! You have fallen asleep many times now without fussing because you were sucking! Hallelujah!

Turning point #2- You have started to enjoy your bath!! You are so cute kicking and splashing!

Turning point #3- you got your first hair cut!! You patiently laid on your changing table and let me cut off an inch of hair (and you still have tons!)! Now your cheeks look even chubbier and I think you look like you are ready to join the army! You are so adorable!!


The Hair!


You were so good at your cousin's birthday party! You were just content watching everyone and hanging out- so not normal for you, but so wonderful!

You and your great-grandma

You with your great-aunt Rena

Turning point #4- you will actually lay on your belly for little periods of time. You were even trying to kick with your feet and were smiling and cooing the whole time! Plus, you looked so cute in your Gro Baby diaper!

Here are some of my other favorite pics of you from this week!

We have more fun with you everyday and look forward to every new day to come! We love you!


Allison said...

I couldn't look at the photos and not comment :) soooo precious! He is so strong holding himself up already! And I am so glad things are calming down! Praise the Lord!

Carisa said...

ahhhh you cut his hair!!!! I loved his hair, but I can imagine it was a bit wild in real life!!! ;) It is really cute all spikey too, I still can't get over how much he has!!!

So glad you won the GB dipe, I entered too I want to try one but also can't get myself to pay the $$ for them!!!

;) Carisa