Tuesday, August 11, 2009

9 Weeks Old!!

Well Lion Cub, this last week was much better! We took you to the chiropractor for the first time last Thursday and she said that you were definitely in need of an adjustment! I don't know if that is why you have been a little more content or if it is just you getting older, but something is helping!

You actually laid on your boppy and "watched" Baby Einstein for a few extended periods this week (15-20 minutes) which was a HUGE reprieve for mama! You also have begun to develop a little bit more predictable routine, which has made planning our days a little bit easier. It is also helpful to kind of know when the crying will cease (you still fight sleep like a wild banchee!)!

You interact more and more every week! You are blowing bubbles like crazy and have started making this adorable little high-pitched squeal when you are excited! You even almost laughed this week when we were dancing your arms around and singing you the theme song from the latest Baskin Robbins commercial (Ice-cream and tasty treats, ice-cream and tasty treats! Ice-cream and cake, do the ice-cream and cake!)- you really get a kick out of it!

We love you so much and can't imagine our family without you! You are such a sweet boy!


Susana said...

I just found this other blog of yours--he is adorable!! Only a few weeks and I'll be meeting our newest member too:-). Hope you are all adjusting well!