Tuesday, August 4, 2009

8 Weeks Old!

Well little man, it was a pretty darn busy week! We spent lots of time with Nana Bubbe last Wednesday. We went to the pool at her and Papa's apartment and your brother had a ball- you just enjoyed being outside!

You had a very eventful day in your diapering life that day too! You managed to completely leak on me and Nana- twice! It was just pee, but crazy leaks no less, so I had to borrow two pairs of shorts from Nana in total! Apparently those diapers don't fit so well anymore! Your growth amazes me!

We got out the little play gym for you to lay under this week. If you are in the right mood you actually kind of enjoy it! Occasionally you accidentally hit one of the toys with your flailing arms which surprises you and seems to bring you great joy! Very cute!

You got to meet your Aunt Laurie (Grammy's sister) and Auntie Barbara (Grammy's aunt) this last week. They were up from California for a visit and it was nice to have more arms to pass you around to! You (and they) soaked up the attention!

(Aunt Laurie)

(Auntie Barbara)

Your new matching motorcycle Tees!


Don't worry buddy, we were right there to catch you should your brother let go! He just loves holding you so much!


Carisa said...

His hair is so darn cute!!! Seeing him just makes me smile, he is so precious!!!!

Michelle said...

My daughter was born July 9, 2009. I enjoyed looking at the things you did with your newborn. I love your sleepy wrap. I am looking into wearing Juliette, because she only wants to be held and I can't get anything else done. Which one do you like the best?