Tuesday, July 28, 2009

7 Weeks Old!

Well little man, it has been a trying week for all of us! Your brother came down with a 24-hour flu over the weekend and you have had an extra dose of fussiness to go along with him! Trying times, but we are pushing through!

(I have to wear you pretty much all the time to get anything done!)

In my opinion though, for the most part, you are narrowing down your crying to two reasons in particular- you are tired and about ready to fall asleep (but are fighting it with all you have) or you are bored. If a change of scenery or fun interaction (such as The Itsy Bitsy Spider) doesn't cure the fit, then it is probably tiredness!

We got you some new diapers because you had pretty much grown out of all the others! You are growing so fast that I can hardly believe it! You have to be at least 13 pounds by now! Yes- my muscles are getting quite large (at least in my left arm!)!

We tried to get your 6 weeks 1 day pictures (the same day old that we got your big brother's taken) this last week but it didn't go as well as I had planned! You were very tired and the photography studio apparently no longer works on "baby time," so we didn't get to take all the poses of you that I wanted- very disappointing. What can a mama do though? We tried!

Later that day however you did enjoy a little time at the park! It has been incredibly hot out, so we took your big brother to a splash pad at a local park. He loved it and you ate and slept! Good times!

We love you so much and think that you get cuter by the day! You are really coming into your own features and becoming more of a little individual all the time! Happy seven weeks Lion Cub!