Tuesday, July 14, 2009

5 Weeks Old!

It was another eventful week for us Lion Cub! You got to meet your cousins Natanya and Aubrey for the first time-Here you are with Natanya. She spent the night on Sunday and was very helpful at distracting you and your brother for me so I could get a few things done!

Here was one of your classic moments-

You are being worn a lot (pretty normal for you since it is one of the few places you will stay asleep!)-

And Daddy even wore you for the first time to try to keep you quiet!

Today we spent a little time outside. Your adoring brother loves to give you kisses and this was how I found the two of you:

Here he was trying to keep the sun out of your eyes- he figured that if it was in his eyes it must be in yours too!

He loves you so much and really wants to pick you up the last couple of days (don't worry- we don't let him without a lot of help!), and he is getting good at helping me take care of you!

Here is a picture that R-Man took of you and I- not too shabby!

And here are just cute shots of you actually being content!

One HUGE milestone for you came today when you actually slept in the swing for a couple of hours (instead of.02 seconds!)!! I found out the trick is to put you in on your side! This is going to be a huge life & sanity saver for mama- maybe I can actually get something done now!!

We get to know you a little better every day and are getting better at figuring out your likes and dislikes. You coo so much now- especially when we talk to you! You are smiling more and more and had your first few minutes of tummy-time yesterday (which you were great at- completely holding up your head and shoulders, by the way!)! I greatly appreciate that you sleep so well at night- we snuggle and nurse all through the night and I get so much sleep! You look more like yourself and less like your brother all the time and we love you so much sweet boy!!