Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4 weeks old!

This past week we celebrated your first 4th of July out at Grammy and Pappy's lake cabin! In all honesty, you spent a good portion of the weekend doing this:

But you did have some quiet alert times too- like here when you were cooing at daddy and your big brother-

You especially loved being outside- I think the change of scenery was good for you!

With Grammy

The hammock swing chair was one of your favorite places to snooze!

And on the beach-

And on the bed (but usually not for very long!)-

You also spent lots of time in the Sleepy Wrap-

And bouncing with mama and daddy to keep you calm!

Things we found out about you this week:
  • You really appreciate a dry diaper!
  • Our bed is your favorite place to sleep (well, second to on us!)
  • Being bounced by daddy seems to calm you down the fastest!
  • You love a change of environment and scenery (we think sometimes you just get bored!)!

Things I love about you:
  • The way you always have your hands up by your head- it is so cute!
  • How you smile when we talk to you!
  • How much more you are cooing and "talking" to us!
  • How you cuddle up an use my breast as a pillow after you get done nursing at night!