Tuesday, August 25, 2009

11 Weeks!

Well Lion Cub, we took you for your two month check-up last Friday and the doctor informed us that you are the size of the average 4 month old!!! You are 24.5" long and 14 lbs (and gaining an ounce a day!)! You have outgrown all of your brother's old summer clothes and he was even older than you are by this point in the year! Crazy! Nana calls you her little butterball turkey! You are such a chunk, and although you are killing my back, you are too stinkin' cute to be too upset over it!

You seem to do best when there is lots going on around you and lots of people! We went up to a local orchard for a friend's birthday party over the weekend and you were so content and happy!

We also went to Grandma's for the day so mama could get some work done on the computer!

You were fairly good, if not a little fussy, but you enjoyed watching the boys play and getting some snuggle time in with your great-grandma!

You also rode on my back for the first time while I completed some chores that desperately needed to get done!

You love watching your big brother- he is shear entertainment for you! You are cooing, talking and blowing bubbles like crazy and your smile is just killer! We love you and the joy you bring to our lives!