Tuesday, September 1, 2009

12 Weeks Old!

This week was crazy and you had lots of new experiences and achievements! First off, Nana came over and hung out with us on Wednesday to help mama out and it was so nice to have her! She just loves snuggling with you and your big brother!

Uncle broth also stayed for dinner that day and it was nice to have him over since he had only seen you a couple of times so far!

Then, on Thursday, we left for the lake with Grammy! What an adventure! Here you are snuggling her and your big bro (you guys got in lots of grandparent-snuggle-time this week)!

We spent all day Friday out on the boat- your first time! You were less than thrilled about wearing your life jacket (to say the least) but you loved when the boat was moving! We spent a lot of gas on you that day just so you could feel the wind in your hair and be calm!

Even though you didn't like it, you sure were cute in your life jacket!

It wasn't easy to nurse you with that big thing on, but we managed!

You "helped" Grammy drive the boat for a bit...

...and had your feeties dipped in the water for the first time- another adventure you weren't particularly keen on! It was just so darn hot we thought you might like it- clearly, you didn't!

We stopped off on a beach for a bit to eat lunch, give you a break from your life jacket, and give your brother a chance to play in the sand! You were a big fan of getting off the boat for a while and were all in all a happy boy for about an hour!

You were especially happy after you pooped! Grammy didn't realize just how much damage you had done in your drawers when she unwrapped your diaper! It was a job that could only really be cleaned up by rinsing you off in the lake- don't worry, we didn't dunk you, just splashed you off! And hey- this is one of those pictures you are really going to love when you start dating and we break out your baby book! Haha! I just couldn't resist!

The rest of the weekend was a lot cooler, so after daddy got there on Friday night we pretty much just chilled...

Mama even got in some reading!

In other news, you are officially a thumb-sucker now (yeah!!!), only on the left side- just opposite of your big bro! You also rolled over for the first time on Monday! You are growing and changing so fast we can hardly believe it!

You are cheeriest in the morning and love to smile and blow bubbles! You fight sleep like no tomorrow and we always say that you give the storm before the calm, instead of the other way around! We are really getting to know you and your lovey little personality is starting to emerge. You respond to your name and can follow things so well with your eyes- even across the room!

We love you little man, and can't wait to see what this next week holds!