Tuesday, September 8, 2009

13 Weeks Old!!

Lion Cub- you are just so darn big! SO much bigger than your brother was! We went shopping with Grandma this week and had to buy you jumpers in the 9-month size in order to get them long enough in the length! It is just crazy! In a month or so we are going to have to break out the clothes that your brother wore at the end of winter to fit you in the early fall- and he was older by that time of the year than you will be! It is just crazy how different the two of you are! In fact, your brother accidentally put on your shorts the other day when I told him to get ready, and they fit!! They looked like hot pants, but they fit!

You are really starting to try to grab for things and loving standing up (with help, of course!)!  We also broke out the exer-saucer for the first time for you to play in this week.  You only last for 5-10 minutes, but those minutes are gold when mama is trying to get the dishes done or make the dinner!

We went back out to the cabin for Labor Day weekend and you enjoyed being out of our house again for a few days, plus mama appreciated having the extra hands to hold you (Thanks Grammy and Auntie Jenn!)!

We love you bunches bugaboo!