Tuesday, September 15, 2009

14 Weeks Old!

 You are such a talker, little man!  This past week you have really started to mimic our talking sounds to have little "conversations" with us, and it is the cutest thing ever!  You just get so engaged!  We love it (although I like it better during the daytime hours than the middle of the night!)!

 It was a little bit rougher week for you this past few days.  We can't figure out if you are starting to teeth or what, but you have been a little grumpy.  With that said, you love going outside and looking up at the big maple trees in our yard and adore watching your goofy brother!  You definitely know when our attention isn't 100% on you and you let us know that that is just plain unacceptable!  It is a challenge but we are working through it!

I love your beaming smile and your chubby little buns!  You are adorable and light up our lives every day!

Love, Mama!