Tuesday, June 23, 2009

2 Weeks Old!

I can't believe that you are already two weeks old today Lion Cub! It has been hard to see you have such a rough start- getting a cold at just a week old and what-not- but you are pushing through and seem to be on the road to recovery.

We think you may have had us fooled for that first week or so, because day-by-day you act more like your brother did when he was a newborn! You definitely don't like to be put down with nothing to do! It seems that the trick with you is constant bouncing and motion! You also like looking at your bright green diaper with the black and white chickens on it- must be the contrast that catches your eye!

Here we are on Father's Day at Grammy & Pappy's house- our Sleepy Wrap was the only way I got to eat dinner!

And here you are meeting your cousin for the first time!

Also just like your brother, you love to sleep on us! Such a snuggler! Of course, whenever we can, we try to catch a few winks when you are asleep as well!

Here are the beginning stages of you finding your thumb- we are beginning to wish that you would "officially" find it a little quicker :-) !
Hangin' with your big bro! He is good at keeping you entertained for me if I can get to you right away or need to go rinse out your diaper! He loves and adores you very much!!
You are a sweet boy, and although you may be giving us a run for our money (just like your big brother!) it just goes to show us that you fit perfectly into our family! We love you so much!