Tuesday, June 1, 2010

11 Months & 3 Weeks Old!

You are Mr. Mischief!  Here are a few examples!

Your brother- trying to get the tamari sauce back from you!  You snatch things out of the fridge pretty much any time it is open!

Diaperless... again!

Oh yeah- you'll empty that drawer in nothing flat!

And follow it up with my cupboard of tupperware and pans!

Then you want to get into the hair from your brother's haircut!

And to be totally honest, you spend a good amount of time doing this!

But ya know what?  You make up for it with absolute cuteness!

(Your brother took this one of us!  He is getting better and better with those camera skills!)

And oh, so much brotherly love (in between the whompings you two are giving each other in growing quantities)!

You are so strong and steady!  The other night watching So You Think You Can Dance you started doing these full-on moves where you would bend over from the waist, touch the ground and then come straight back up to standing- it was amazing!  I can tell I am going to have two little hip hop dancers in my home this summer!

But I will always cherish those rare moments when you actually sit down and do something quite like read a book!  You also adore sorting things into bins or bags and I can tell already that you are really going to enjoy Tiny Tot School when we start later this summer!

You are sweet, and cute, and a little handful but we are having so much fun with you that I wouldn't trade any of it for an instant!  

I love you forever and always, more than life itself!