Tuesday, December 1, 2009

25 Weeks Old and your first Thanksgiving!

I have one word to describe your latest fascination: TOES!  But only the one on your left foot!  Whenever there are out of your PJs you just go to town!  It is so cute and funny!

You get closer to crawling every day!  You can now balance on your hands and knees pretty darn well- you can even twist your torso and pick up one hand!  You really get to rocking back and forth and we know that anytime now you are just going to race across the room!  When you really get going and then flop down on your belly you get so mad!  But you are getting better at scooting and twisting your way around the living room floor.  You can nearly get to everything you want, it just takes more effort than you want to put out!

Sleep has still been rough this last week.  You are fine once I am actually in bed with you for the night, but anytime before that and you just don't want to snooze for long.  What can I say, you just love to snuggle!

You continue to be a screamer and we are quite sure that you are just very bored!  All the moms at my Bible Study think you are going to be very outgoing and talkative, though, because you are so interactive and vocal!  They laugh as you LOUDLY soothe yourself to sleep during study each week!  You are a character, no doubt!

We had a really nice Thanksgiving over at Aunt Michelle and Uncle Rick's house.  I was very grateful to have lots of hands to hold you and you were of course loving the crowd of people to watch!  Pretty much everyone got some face time with you, Lion Cub, but my favorite pictures from the day are this one with you and Papa snoozin' after dinner:

And this one of you and grandma!  She just adores you and is such a wonderful help!

You of course thought that the moment we sat down to eat would be a good time to start screaming, so I fed you in the other room with less distractions and then was able to pass you off so I could eat myself!  Fairly typical of a holiday meal with a little one though, I guess!

I love you sweet boy and adore watching your little personality emerge more and more!  I simply can't believe that you will be 6 months old in a week! Time goes by so quickly! 

Kisses and cuddles my Lovey Boy!