Tuesday, December 15, 2009

27 Weeks Old!

You reached for me!  You actually reached for me!  It is so nice to feel like you actually want me- just the reward a warn out mommy needs!  This past week you got a cold and so your sleep has been all wonky and you continue to only want to sleep when I am near.  I am trying to keep in perspective that you aren't feeling well though and just buckle down and let you cling to me!

In other news, you tried your first solids this week!  Well, okay, I did feed you two, small bites of banana a week ago, but this week was the first time I actually mashed something up (avacado) and fed it to you with a spoon!  You actually enjoyed it- much more than your brother did with his first bites! I think you are going to be a big lover of food and will probably eat us out of house and home in the coming years!

You have been having lots of fun with your daddy and brother too!  We pulled the futon mattress into the living room to snuggle as a family and watch Christmas movies this weekend so you all decided to "wrestle!"  So funny!

I also gave your hair another trim this week!  You were beginning to look like to look like my high school drama teacher or one of those silly looking monks with the way it was floofing out on the sides so I clipped it again!  I will have to post better pictures next week to show the dramatic difference!

I love you cutie and hope you get to feeling better very soon!