Tuesday, October 6, 2009

17 Weeks Old!

You LOVE your tongue Lion Cub!  It has become a downright infatuation this week!  You suck on it, stick it out and twist it every which-way!  It is the cutest thing!

You continue to roll over like a crazy man but aren't particularly happy when you get there!  You love anything thrilling- hanging upside down is a particular favorite that always invokes a giggle!  You also seem to be getting quite ticklish- under your arms and chin are your favorites!

We had a rough weekend with Uncle "Broth" being in the hospital, but you were such a good boy taking a bottle from Daddy and Grammy the nights that I had to rush up to the hospital- what a little trooper!

You continue to love watching your big brother's antics and thoroughly enjoy getting out of the house and being around crowds of people- we are finding this to be the key to keeping you calm and happy! 

We love you more than words can say and have so much fun watching you grow and change!