Tuesday, October 20, 2009

19 Weeks Old!

Oh sweet man, what is the matter?  Daddy and I think you may be teething and have been bearing the brunt of extra crying it seems for this whole past week.  You are not sleeping well, day or night, and will simply not stand for being laid down at nearly any time!

To top it off, I took you to your 4 month check-up on Friday and you weighed in at 16.10 lbs!  That is an increase of 11oz in 9 days!  No wonder I threw my back out this week picking you up off the floor!  You are such a little chunk and oh so adorable!  27 inches long and the CUTEST chubby buns on the block (or in the universe for that matter!)- I simply can't get over your adorable backside!

We tried putting you in the jumper for the first time this week.  You haven't quite figured it out yet but you do love chewing on the stuffed cow toy!  Anything to keep you entertained!

You love constant stimulation and are loving watching your brother more and more- he is just the speed you need to keep you enthralled!  His dancing or my animated rendition of Narls Barkley's "Crazy" are the only things that keep you content enough for me to fix dinner, which I rarely get to eat with everyone else since you are usually screaming in my lap or we are bouncing on the ball!

It is increasingly difficult to capture any candid shots of you lately since you just love looking right into the camera!  Your big blue eyes are so killer though, that I can't help but adore every shot we take of you!  We have been trying to take more video also, to forever hold all of your giggles, coos... and oh yes, screams and fits for later pay backs!  Haha!

We love you and hang onto the knowledge that your constant need for stimulation will most likely subside when you are able to crawl and do more for yourself!  We can't imagine our family without you and enjoy seeing your personality emerge more every day!