Tuesday, October 13, 2009

18 Weeks Old!

Little man, you are a handful and the craziness of this October has left me rather behind in my posting.  Between your Uncle Broth being in the hospital, our Jeep being broken into twice, our debit card number being stolen, many outings and plans, and your constant fussiness (just to name a few), I simply have not been able to keep up! With all that said, I love you to pieces and am enjoying the increase in giggles we are receiving from you and the way your smile can light up a room!

You turned 4 months old this week and weighed in at 15.15 lbs- if I would have weighed you after you ate you have no doubt tipped the scales to 16 lbs!  That is about 2.5 lbs more than your brother weighed at this age and you are far longer, nearly outgrowing your 9 month clothes!

You and your crazy brother are the lights of my life and I know things can only get better from here!