Tuesday, January 19, 2010

7 months & 2 weeks old!

You got your first four teeth this week!  Yup- between Friday and Tuesday you had four break through those tender little gums!  The first one was the upper left (second from the middle), the second was your front right, and then the third and fourth popped through at the same time on the bottom in the middle!  It is so strange because I don't have hang-ups with cutting your hair, or seeing you reach all these new milestones, but for some reason having those teeth pop through and knowing that I will never see your adorable toothless grin again just makes me a little misty!  Sniff.  Alright- I'm okay now.

You are really beginning to crawl more and more "normally" and you are pulling yourself up on EVERYTHING!  Just in the last couple of days your balance has improved so much- it is amazing.  For the most part you just pull up to your knees but these pictures are the actual first time that you pulled yourself up to standing!  We were so excited and so proud!!

Your teething has turned you into a pretty clingy little monster, but I am taking the extra cuddles while I get them!  You love your mama and it about sends you up the wall to even see me walk out of the room!  Whenever I do come and pick you up you get this sly little grin and put your head down on my shoulder, as if you are telling whoever else is int he room, "She's mine and she loves me!"  And you would be very right!

Beyond that, you are having more fun every week "playing" with your big brother and he is enjoying you more and more too!  You guys giggle together and chase each other around the house- it is so sweet and cute!  You are also sitting up on your own really well now!  It is nice to be able to sit you down on your bottom and be able to walk away not worrying that you are going to fall back and thump yourself on the head, although you have taken to yanking things down on yourself lately, making daddy and I all too aware of just how un-babyfriendly our house seems to be right now!

You are growing up so fast Lion Cub!  You have almost our grown the length of your 12 month clothes and are just a brute (as daddy likes to call you- he also calls you "bubba" a lot!  So cute!)!  I am looking forward to another fun week with you and hopefully less pain and fussing now that those teeth are peeking through!

Love and Hugs,