Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year Lion Cub!!!

It doesn't seem possible that it is 2010 and you are officially living in a different decade than you were born in!!  We rang in the New Year with some good friends of ours- sleeping over at their house and all!  Mommy & Daddy celebrated our 6th Anniversary and our generous friends even watched you boys and gave us a gift certificate for dinner so we could celebrate!  We played a lot of Wii and you got a kick out of watching the older boys play!

Our goofy friends:


and Christa!

Ringin' in the New Year...

and scaring the bageebies out of you!!

Your brother was asleep already...

but you were busy whoopin' it up with the adults... and trying to figure out what in the world we were up to!

Your cousins, aunt and uncle also came over on Saturday since we hadn't gotten to see them yet this holiday season.  They had a lot of fun seeing you and your brother again because it has been quite some time and you have grown like a weed!  We are hoping to start having regular monthly or bi-monthly dinners so we don't go long between seeing each other again!


In other news, you continue to motor around like a crazy man, including right on down the stairs which just about gave mama a complete heart attack!!  Oh what a terribly feeling!  It literally scared the poop out of you and nearly out of me!  You are a resilient little man though, and bounced back to normal in no more than five minutes.

You are getting more and more interactive and are showing a definite preference for mama at times!  You really notice when I leave the room now and are not happy about it!  You follow me all over the house and seem to love crawling straight under my legs while I do the dishes!

You love to be held so that you are standing up, and think it is a lot of fun to push up into a crawling position and then all the way up on your feet like a bear (although you still crawl like an inch worm!).

Your new favorite nighttime activity is taking a bath with your big brother!!  I hold you up while you splash around with him and when he blows bubbles in the water you giggle uncontrollably!  It is the cutest thing!

We are truly starting to have so much fun with you Lion Cub!  You love to watch mama up close while I sing and to give all of us big wet kisses!  You also started chowing down Cheerios for the first time today and they could literally keep you busy for hours!  You are getting so good at pinching them between your thumb and pointer finger!

Your precious smile melts my heart and we can hardly remember what it was like to not have you around!  I love you Lion Cub!

Always Your...