Tuesday, April 20, 2010

10 months, 1 Week old!

You just seem to be changing so quickly Lion Cub!!  You look older every day and are just so darn talkative! Between you and your brother there is never a quiet moment in our house!  One of your favorite things since daddy has been gone is talking on the phone to him!  It is so adorable!  You even have been playing pretend phone with almost anything you can find- you're just so darn smart!

You look up to your big brother so much and want to do everything that he does!  You can now easily get on and off of your little push-along Mater and even liked trying to push yourself along on the bigwheel at Grandma's house over the weekend.

Since daddy is still working out of town we went over to Grandma's for dinner on Saturday with Nana & Papa.  You actually stayed with Grandma for most of the day while Mama, Nana & R-Man went shopping and to a movie.  Grandma said that you were such a good boy and even napped well for her!

The weather has been so nice that it was a perfect weekend to spend some time outside.  You enjoyed the new adventure but weren't at all sure about touching the grass!

You are finally feeling better but also seem to be teething, so you never really get a break!  Soon daddy will be back home though and that is bound to be exciting for all of us!

We love you, Lion Cub!  You and all your cute, growing, big-boyness!  Where has my baby disappeared to?!