Tuesday, April 13, 2010

10 Months Old!

How is it possible that you are already 10 months old?!  CRAZY!  And check out one of your new tricks:

This one sets mama a little on edge, but you insist on climbing up the steps every time they are near the counter!  You have even been known to go get things out of the sink!  You just so badly want to be in on all the action!!

This week you have also really started letting go of things to stand by yourself and even took your very first step last night!  You just let go of the rocking chair and stood there for a minute with this look on your face like, "I'm gonna do it mom!"  So exciting!  You are going to be walking (and running!) before we know it!

You also started really dancing this week!  I was watching MJ's This Is It the other night (since daddy is out of town and didn't want to see it) and you were not wanting to sleep so you were still up with me.  When "Jam" came on you popped your head up off my chest, crawled to the floor and started bouncin' and shakin' like a crazy man!  It was so funny and only for that song!  Then you just crawled back up into my lap and settled down!

Pointing at things is a new favorite of yours!  You carry on entire conversations, talking about (I assume) the things you are pointing to!  It is highly entertaining for both you and us!  You also love to squish your face up and pooch your lips out if you are thinking about something really hard!  You look like a little old man and it just cracks me up!

I have taken to calling you "The Goat" because you eat EVERYTHING!  Especially things you aren't supposed to!  I manage to get quite a bit of it out of your mouth but your diapers still remain an adventure!  It's like a treasure hunt when I spray them off! :-[  Anytime you would like to primarily use your other senses to experience the world would be just fine with me!

You seem to have slightly chipped your bottom two teeth this past week- not badly, but the tops are definitely a little more jagged than they were!  Welcome to the family!  Hopefully you will stop there, though, and not aspire to as much breakage as your big brother!

To top off the week you came down with another double ear infection!  Bummer!  At least this time you started screaming during the day and not the middle of the night!  I hate to see you in that much pain and to have to give you another round of antibiotics already!  Poor guy!  Hopefully this will be the last of it for the season!

We love you little man!  You are a challenge and a joy and we take so pleasure in seeing you blossom more into your own little self every day!