Tuesday, April 27, 2010

10 Months, 2 Weeks Old!

You are into EVERYTHING!  Things I wouldn't even think you could get into, you are into!  You climb up on ANYTHING you possibly can and pull out ANYTHING that I have just put away!  It is just... lovely!  You are in a whole new league of destructiveness!  Pots, pans, towels, paper, diapers (clean ones!), books, movies- you name it- you scatter it... EVERYWHERE!

You are incredibly smart though!  You are starting to really enjoy putting things in and out of boxes and bowls and have even been dabbling with the Duplo blocks a bit.  Soon we will begin doing some tiny-tot school activities (from Carisa's 1+1+1=1 & Totally Tots blogs) to help keep you busy during your brother's school time.  Sometimes you want to be a little too involved in his work and it can prove to be very distracting (and destructive... once again!).

Your big brother had his 4th birthday this past week!  Both you boys are just getting so old and so big!

We had a big eventful and festive day on Friday for him (plus daddy finally got home!) and you loved it just as much as he did!  Here you are desperately attempting to blow his party horn!

On Saturday we had a party for all your brother's friends at a really fun jump house.  You were super tired and starting to get sick (again!) so your enthusiasm was minimal but you did get in on a little of the fun!

With Dad on on of the slides!

In the junior bounce area!


Lovin' on Daddy who had been gone for 2 whole weeks!

Chilin' with Papa, and wanting a cupcake!