Tuesday, May 4, 2010

10 Months, 3 Weeks Old!

It's official- you are walking!  Nothing can stop you now!!  One night last week mommy had a little too much dark chocolate, which of course kept you up until a simply unholy hour.  What did we do with all your energy?  Why encourage you to walk between us, of course!  And much to our delight and surprise- YOU DID!!!  From then on you have been walking steadier and farther every day!

With your newfound mobility you are also seeming to get a little bit more daring in the wrestling department with your brother!  I have found you clobbering him more than a few times and he does his best not to retaliate... too often.  You both, however, have an affinity for stealing each other's toys!

There are moments (as few and as short as they are) that you just chill!

We got together with my whole side of the family at Grandma's house for dessert to celebrate R-Man's 4th birthday and my 26th.  It was a nice to see everyone and although you were very tired, you did show off your walking a little bit.

Here you are snugglin' with Uncle Rick!

And just trying to figure out Aunt Michelle!  Haha!

Trying to figure out your brother's new Iron Man car with Papa

Daddy & Great Grandpa K (Papa's dad)

You have continued to broaden your horizon's in the destructiveness and climbing categories!  We have quickly learned that we have to strap you into your table seat or you will try to get out!  Here you are attempting such a feet while strapped in during dinner- much to your frustration!

Oh so dramatic!  How dare we do such a thing to you?!  Gasp!  :-D

I'm sure, now that you are walking, life is only going to get more and more interesting every day!  We shall see, my little love bug!