Tuesday, May 11, 2010

11 months old!!

You have had an extremely eventful couple of weeks!  You are really taking off now with your walking!  You can go all the way across a room and even turn a corner!  Yesterday you were sitting on my lap and stood straight up (without holding onto anything) and just walked off!  This evening you even bent down to pick something up (kind of squatted) and stood right back up without loosing your balance!  Before we know it you are going to be running!  I just can't get over how old and grown up you are!

Last week I forgot to mention that you have started using the big potty!  I have been putting you on it every once in a while for about a month, but something happened last week where for some reason it just clicked for you- I could see it on your face.  You looked at me and tried to pee!  And pee you did- 6 times on the potty that first day!  Since that day you have continued to be pretty consistent about going when I put you on the toilet and have even gone poo (much to my excitement!)!  You are by no means potty trained but it is a definite step in the right direction!

You continue to be quite the talker!  You have taken to leaning forward and nodding your head when you are being very intense about what you have to say.  It is hysterical!!  You are very expressive with your hands as well (I have NO idea who you get that from :-D)!  Now, if only you could start using actual words!  Until that time we will continue to be amused by your baby dialogue though!

Your climbing skills get more and more advanced each week as well.  This past week you figured out how to put Mater next to the recliner and climb up and also how to crawl onto the front window seat all by yourself (scary!!).  Here you can see a picture of one of those precarious times that Mama forgot to buckle you into your table seat- yes, in .02 seconds you were on the table helping yourself to some Kix!

You had your first big boy hair cut this week!  You have had many hair cuts already, but this was the first time that mama broke out the electric clippers just for you!  You weren't particularly thrilled but I decided it was much less dangerous than attempting to wield the scissors next to your screaming and squirming head!  In the end you were fine and your hair looks much better, in my opinion!



Mischief should have been your middle name!  Along with all the other ways you are finding to be destructive lately, a favorite has become removing you diaper!  Eek!

My first Mother's Day with you was a great one!  You sat so nicely all through dinner, snacking on our meals and flirting with the women at the table behind us!  They were equally as enamored with you as you were with them!  But really, how could they not be?!  (I'm not bias!  I swear!)

You sure do give us a run for our money but we couldn't love you more!!