Tuesday, May 18, 2010

11 months & 1 Week Old!

Man- you are cruisin' now!!  You walk so fast you are practically running and you continue to set your sights higher as far as climbing goes!  Check out this perilous position you got yourself into!  You weren't worried, but I was!!

I always think that I have put things up so that you can't get to them but you seem to always find a way to overcome the obstacles we set in front of you!  You have been known to tip over chairs so that you could climb onto them and get whatever has caught your attention!  

We went to the park with Nana and Papa and you loved trying out your skills outside!  At first you were pretty leery of the grass but you seem to be doing much better with it now.  I still look at you and marvel at how big and old you are!  My baby is no more- you are officially a toddler!

Here you are with Papa.

And soakin' up some love from Nana.

Just checkin' things out!

We spent a lot of time with our good friend's, Erik & Christa and their boys, this week.  While the older boys were playing basketball, you kept yourself busy putting the baseball on the tee!  It kept you occupied for quite a while!

We also started taking our summer walks!  Last year we didn't take any with you cause mama was still recovering from your labor and then time must have just gotten away from us.  We did a lot of walking trying to get you out but not so much afterward!!  You had so much fun riding in the little red car and we look forward to many more walks this summer!

The weather has just been so lovely- we have all been soaking it up and it is so fun to see you experiencing the outdoors for the first time!  I love to see your wonder and your adventurous spirit.  

Your sweet personality continues to bubble forth and we are smitten with you!  I love your little fake laugh and how funny you think your big brother is!  I find your "nursing gymnastics" amusing and frustrating all at the same time!  I love your big open mouth kisses and your pension for cuddles!  I love how you have started playing along with your brother and me in "the scaring game" and totally crack up at my big, exaggerated reactions when you loudly say "Uhhh!"  You are so funny and a total ham- truly one of us!  We love you to pieces Lion Cub!

Hugs and Kisses,


Carisa said...

He cracks me up. That first shot is SO something K would have done. Totally nuts.

I still can't get over how big of a boy he is!!!!