Tuesday, May 25, 2010

11 Months & 2 Weeks Old!

Sadly, it was a week of few pictures!  Not to say that there wasn't a lot going on!  You got another tooth on the bottom and continue to be a destructive little beast!

On the fun side, though- you have really started loving giving kisses and giving full-on hugs that are just to die for!  We love how cuddly you are getting!

Although you don't actually say words yet, you have the most interesting vocabulary of sounds!  You are a big grunter and say "uhhhhhh" all the time!  Sometimes I feel like I am living in the baby version of Tim Allen's Tool Time (hoo har har- come on all you Home Improvement fans!)!  You also "sing" to yourself when you are tired or riding in the car.  Really its more of one long "awwwwwwwwwwwwwww"- honestly I don't know how you have such sustained breath control!  You enjoy asking questions by saying either "eh?" or "yeesh?" and you even put your little hand out, kind of like you are shrugging your shoulders!

We continue to work on your potty skills and you are doing really well!  You aren't anywhere near telling us when you need to go, but when I put you on the potty you do try to go, and if you actually do go you start to clap for yourself!  It is the cutest thing ever!

We love you Lion Cub and look forward to celebrating your birthday soon!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

11 months & 1 Week Old!

Man- you are cruisin' now!!  You walk so fast you are practically running and you continue to set your sights higher as far as climbing goes!  Check out this perilous position you got yourself into!  You weren't worried, but I was!!

I always think that I have put things up so that you can't get to them but you seem to always find a way to overcome the obstacles we set in front of you!  You have been known to tip over chairs so that you could climb onto them and get whatever has caught your attention!  

We went to the park with Nana and Papa and you loved trying out your skills outside!  At first you were pretty leery of the grass but you seem to be doing much better with it now.  I still look at you and marvel at how big and old you are!  My baby is no more- you are officially a toddler!

Here you are with Papa.

And soakin' up some love from Nana.

Just checkin' things out!

We spent a lot of time with our good friend's, Erik & Christa and their boys, this week.  While the older boys were playing basketball, you kept yourself busy putting the baseball on the tee!  It kept you occupied for quite a while!

We also started taking our summer walks!  Last year we didn't take any with you cause mama was still recovering from your labor and then time must have just gotten away from us.  We did a lot of walking trying to get you out but not so much afterward!!  You had so much fun riding in the little red car and we look forward to many more walks this summer!

The weather has just been so lovely- we have all been soaking it up and it is so fun to see you experiencing the outdoors for the first time!  I love to see your wonder and your adventurous spirit.  

Your sweet personality continues to bubble forth and we are smitten with you!  I love your little fake laugh and how funny you think your big brother is!  I find your "nursing gymnastics" amusing and frustrating all at the same time!  I love your big open mouth kisses and your pension for cuddles!  I love how you have started playing along with your brother and me in "the scaring game" and totally crack up at my big, exaggerated reactions when you loudly say "Uhhh!"  You are so funny and a total ham- truly one of us!  We love you to pieces Lion Cub!

Hugs and Kisses,

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

11 months old!!

You have had an extremely eventful couple of weeks!  You are really taking off now with your walking!  You can go all the way across a room and even turn a corner!  Yesterday you were sitting on my lap and stood straight up (without holding onto anything) and just walked off!  This evening you even bent down to pick something up (kind of squatted) and stood right back up without loosing your balance!  Before we know it you are going to be running!  I just can't get over how old and grown up you are!

Last week I forgot to mention that you have started using the big potty!  I have been putting you on it every once in a while for about a month, but something happened last week where for some reason it just clicked for you- I could see it on your face.  You looked at me and tried to pee!  And pee you did- 6 times on the potty that first day!  Since that day you have continued to be pretty consistent about going when I put you on the toilet and have even gone poo (much to my excitement!)!  You are by no means potty trained but it is a definite step in the right direction!

You continue to be quite the talker!  You have taken to leaning forward and nodding your head when you are being very intense about what you have to say.  It is hysterical!!  You are very expressive with your hands as well (I have NO idea who you get that from :-D)!  Now, if only you could start using actual words!  Until that time we will continue to be amused by your baby dialogue though!

Your climbing skills get more and more advanced each week as well.  This past week you figured out how to put Mater next to the recliner and climb up and also how to crawl onto the front window seat all by yourself (scary!!).  Here you can see a picture of one of those precarious times that Mama forgot to buckle you into your table seat- yes, in .02 seconds you were on the table helping yourself to some Kix!

You had your first big boy hair cut this week!  You have had many hair cuts already, but this was the first time that mama broke out the electric clippers just for you!  You weren't particularly thrilled but I decided it was much less dangerous than attempting to wield the scissors next to your screaming and squirming head!  In the end you were fine and your hair looks much better, in my opinion!



Mischief should have been your middle name!  Along with all the other ways you are finding to be destructive lately, a favorite has become removing you diaper!  Eek!

My first Mother's Day with you was a great one!  You sat so nicely all through dinner, snacking on our meals and flirting with the women at the table behind us!  They were equally as enamored with you as you were with them!  But really, how could they not be?!  (I'm not bias!  I swear!)

You sure do give us a run for our money but we couldn't love you more!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

10 Months, 3 Weeks Old!

It's official- you are walking!  Nothing can stop you now!!  One night last week mommy had a little too much dark chocolate, which of course kept you up until a simply unholy hour.  What did we do with all your energy?  Why encourage you to walk between us, of course!  And much to our delight and surprise- YOU DID!!!  From then on you have been walking steadier and farther every day!

With your newfound mobility you are also seeming to get a little bit more daring in the wrestling department with your brother!  I have found you clobbering him more than a few times and he does his best not to retaliate... too often.  You both, however, have an affinity for stealing each other's toys!

There are moments (as few and as short as they are) that you just chill!

We got together with my whole side of the family at Grandma's house for dessert to celebrate R-Man's 4th birthday and my 26th.  It was a nice to see everyone and although you were very tired, you did show off your walking a little bit.

Here you are snugglin' with Uncle Rick!

And just trying to figure out Aunt Michelle!  Haha!

Trying to figure out your brother's new Iron Man car with Papa

Daddy & Great Grandpa K (Papa's dad)

You have continued to broaden your horizon's in the destructiveness and climbing categories!  We have quickly learned that we have to strap you into your table seat or you will try to get out!  Here you are attempting such a feet while strapped in during dinner- much to your frustration!

Oh so dramatic!  How dare we do such a thing to you?!  Gasp!  :-D

I'm sure, now that you are walking, life is only going to get more and more interesting every day!  We shall see, my little love bug!