Tuesday, November 10, 2009

22 Weeks Old!

 You want to move sooooo badly Lion Cub!  All the interesting things constantly surrounding you are jsut beckoning you to crawl and you are so frustrated that you just can't quite reach them!  Soon though, soon!  You are already pushing up onto your hands and knees and holding it for a few seconds- at 5 months old!  You could very well crawl even earlier than your big brother!  It is so fun to see your wheels turn as you try to figure out how to do it!

You got your second haircut this week!  Daddy kept referring to you as Wolverine, so I thought it was time to break out the scissors again!  You were fairly cooperative and came out looking spiffy and cute... of course! 

You and your brother are starting to play "together" more and more!  He loves dancing and singing for you and you think he is just about the funniest guy on the planet- even when he isn't doing anything!  His constant sound effects and antics keep you in stitches!

I finally captured a couple of your smiles on camera this week!  Usually you are so mesmerized by my taking your picture that it is hard to get anything more than a serious expressions, and candid shots are nearly completely out of the question!  These new shots, however, just totally steel my heart!

Who knew that all it would take is a little popping noise with my mouth to invoke such sheer joy on your face!?


We love you, your adorable and we can't imagine life without you!  Kisses!