Tuesday, November 17, 2009

23 Weeks Old!

You are so close to crawling little man, I can hardly believe it!  You are pushing up on your hands and knees and rocking back and forth like crazy!  You can scoot backwards pretty well already and roll all over the living room floor!

You are getting interested in your brother's toys (which he isn't too fond of!) and still think he is just about the funniest person on the planet!  You love for daddy or me to pick you up and chase R-Man around the house!  You both get a kick out of it and roll with laughter!

Your favorite outfit is still your birthday suit and we go through a lot of blankets a day because of it!  Anything to make you happy (for now anyway!)!

We have gotten together with other moms and kiddos a couple of times and you are usually so good and just mesmerized with all that is going on!  You love crowds of people, for some reason it is very calming to you!

You love to grab hair (especially mine!) and anything in our hands!  You stick everything in your mouth and seem to be sucking your thumb more.  You love hanging upside down and any sort of popping or clapping sound!  Mama's singing and crazy dancing are still sure bets to keep you entertained and happy and you just love looking outside!

You sleeping schedule got a bit off again this week but you seem to be adjusting.  I  think it is the hustle and bustle of the groups we have attended that threw you off.

You are a darling boy and you get cuter by the day.  You remind me a lot of your brother but you are also starting to come into your own!  I love you sweet man!