Tuesday, February 2, 2010

7 Months, 4 weeks old!

 We have begun referring to you as "Shark Bite" because with all those new chompers you are nearly as lethal as one!  You have broken the skin on me a couple of times (particularly on my shoulder and collar bone!) but, luckily, I have begun to recognize the signs you give before you are about to go crazy while nursing, thus enabling me to avoid too much damage there.

You are a standing monster and trying to navigate between objects even sometimes!  Daddy and I look at you moving around and playing and just can't believe how old you are!  With 5 (almost 6) teeth in just three weeks and the fact that you are almost too long for your 12 months clothes (at not even 8 months!) I feel like you have turned into a toddler overnight!  I am truly cherishing our cuddle times more and more as they become less frequent!

You are starting to mimic more and I just can't help but think that you are one smart little cookie!  I taught you how to make your voice change by wagging your hand over your lips today and I couldn't believe how quickly you caught on and were doing it all by yourself!  I find such joy in seeing you learn.  You are amazing!

We had another little mock photo shoot (which all these photos are from) and I am so happy with how our pics turned out!  You get cuter every day and you look more and more like your brother and dad!








We love you sweet boy and are so proud of you!