Tuesday, February 23, 2010

8 Months & 2 Weeks old!

It's official, you are now sitting at the big table with the family for meals and you couldn't be more thrilled! You just happily snack on your cheerios, or rice puff, or whatever small bits of dinner we give you, suck on you sippy (and still manage to soak yourself) and jabber away!  You just love it and it makes dinner time so much more peaceful for the rest of us (especially mama!)!

You continue to love your baths with your big bro!  Although sometimes things do get a little crazy, you are a good sport and do well at tolerating the occasional splash in the face or daring gulp of water!  In fact, you seem to think it will be a good idea to stick your mouth under the running faucet for a quick drink, however so far I have thwarted your plans!

Oh, and your hair is finally filling back in in the back!  Everyone has been mentioning lately how lighter it has gotten (which is true) but I just keep thinking how much older you look!  You are fiesty and fun and we love you!