Tuesday, February 16, 2010

8 Month & 1 Week Old!

You are so talkative!  You even started talking in your sleep the other morning!  Daddy and I love to see how you study our mouths when we talk and think that most likely you will begin to verbally communicate fairly early!  You are such a social bug- you just thrive on being around groups of people and watching other kids!  We continue to joke that you were really meant to be a fifth or sixth child so that there would have been more happening to keep you busy!

To our amazement and shock you began to sip from a straw this week!  You randomly got ahold of one of your brother's cups and sucked the whole thing down in nothing flat.  Luckily it was only full of water!  You continue to amaze us and prove just how smart you really are!

You have a fascination with pulling every book and DVD off of our shelves, but most of the time I just let you because you are happy and what is it really going to hurt?!

Oh, and have I mentioned lately that you are just stinkin' adorable?!  We love you bunches!