Tuesday, March 2, 2010

8 Months & 3 Weeks Old!

Well, it has been an eventful week, to say the least!  First of all, we made our family's first official trip to minor emergency for an injury and you were the injured!  You were standing up next to our folded up travel swing and plopped backwards onto your bum, pulling it down with you... into your face.  At first I thought it didn't hit you that hard and you were just fussing like normal- then I saw the blood.  The copious amounts of blood streaming out of your mouth and all over your PJs!  Needless to say, I freaked a little bit and couldn't get ahold of any other family member to help calm my nerves and possibly come over and help assess the situation.

About a half an hour after said accident you father finally arrived home but had to leave again right away to go deliver a tool to a guy who was driving in from out of town just to buy it from him, but at least he took your brother while I hauled you off to minor emergency.  All in all, it was probably a good thing that he wasn't home when it happened anyway because when he saw your continued bleeding (which was minimal compared to the initial 10 minutes and caused mostly from your rubbing your face and tearing the wound back open... repeatedly) he got a bit pail and assured me that I was the one to handle the injury!

Luckily they got us in pretty quickly at the clinic and reassured me that your teeth were fine and your mouth would heal fairly quickly without stitches.  The doctor discovered that you had impacted your teeth and were actually bleeding out around them, but the teeth appeared to still be okay.  Through the blood the doctor also thought that your teeth had gone into your lip, but as we found out yesterday at a different doctor appointment for your brother (who has croup) you actually tore your frenulum (that little piece of skin between your gums and your lip- you have one under your tongue too).  Erg... just the thought of it makes me cringe.  The doctor said that yours was pretty think to begin with and probably would have torn at some point anyway, but assured us that now that it has happened it is out of the way and won't happen again.  Phew... at least you are okay and seem to be no worse for wear.

Other than that we have been trying to spend some time outside and enjoy our beautiful weather.  You tend to want to put everything in your mouth which is a challenge, however.  The other day when I repeatedly removed the dirt from your hands you looked straight out me and then proceeded to put your entire mouth down onto the porch.  Lovely.  Despite it's challenges, it is good for all of us to get outside and soak up some sun and fresh air!

SO I caved the other day and bought some real baby food.  I vowed that I wasn't going to do that with you, but life has been so chaotic lately that I just picked up a couple of (organic) jars to try).

You're not diggin' it!

These faces are priceless however!

Here is your brother's reaction (after asking if he could have some- we reassured him that if you didn't like it he definitely wouldn't!).

You love your finger foods but this mush was apparently just too much for you!  I think we will be going a different direction with the solids from here on out!


("why are you doing this to me mom?!")

Oh, and did I mention that you now weigh 21 pounds?!?!  AND are wearing the sleepers that your brother wore when he was nearly 2, running around and "helping" us paint the basement during our remodel?!  It is just nuts how different the two of you are!