Tuesday, March 30, 2010

9 Months, 3 Weeks Old!

You started saying "dada" this week! And what a daddy's boy you are!  We are amazed by how early you have taken to following him around and doting on him!  You get especially mad if he leaves the house!  Here you are trying to open the door so that you can get out to him!

You LOVE looking out the window!  You would do it all day if I would let you, but since all of our windows are up high you don't get to sit and watch nearly as long as you would like!

You seem to be taking to music just like your brother!

You love drumming with him (although I think he would classify it more as you getting in his way!) and even steal his instruments every once and a while!

You are so sweet and cuddly and I think you get cuter all the time (if that's possible!)!  You have also taken to fake laughing lately!  It is so funny!  Whenever you do something that you find comical you let out a "haha!"  Quite the little comedian!

You and your big brother also got to spend most of Friday and Saturday with Nana, Papa & Grandma while mama went to a homeschooling conference!  It was a nice break for mama to get refreshed and for you guys to spend some quality time with them!  Daddy was working or he would have helped with you guys too!  He misses you guys so much when he has to work a lot!

We love you, love you, love you!  You're sweet and precious and too funny for words!


Carisa said...

I just love your little guy, he is so cute. I have loved watching him grow up online ;-)