Tuesday, March 9, 2010

9 months old!

Man- another rough week buddy!  This past Friday we ended up having to take you to the ER at 2:00 am because you had been screaming for hours and even when we would finally get you to sleep you just wouldn't stay out.  So we called Nana and Papa to come over and scoop up your brother and we reaced you to the ER.

After much hassle (apparently the fact that you were born at home completely dumbfounded them!) they finally came to the conclusion that you had an ear infection.  The debate then arose over how they should treat you because we haven't vaccinated you (an informed decision) and in this doctor's opinion you would then need to be treated more aggressively... for your ears.  What?!  Ummm... last I heard there wasn't a vaccine for ear infections, thank you very much!

When examining you he also stopped in his tracks upon pulling your drawers down because apparently he had never seen a cloth diaper before and thought you were wearing a hip brace!  Okay, so I kinda laughed at that one!  But seriously, it was ridiculous!

At about 4:30am I finally interrupted him and asked if any of this was pertinent to our current situation... your ears... so that we could go home!  We went and got your antibiotics (another first :-(  ) and headed home to sleep at last.

By Saturday your brother had a full blown ear infection as well and daddy and I spent the next two days battling your fevers with lots of luke warm baths and Motrin until we could get in to see Dr. Bennett.  He confirmed that you both had double ear infections by that point and that the antibiotics were suitable but not extra-crazy as the other doctor said they needed to be.  He assured us that the other doctor was just trying to make us feel bad and that vaccines have no bearing on ear infections!  Case closed!

Luckily daddy stayed home from work to help with you boys because between the two of you we are full-time on call!  Lots of work and your fevers still rage.  Poor guys!  We love you so much and hope you get all better soon!