Tuesday, March 16, 2010

9 months, 1 week old!

Still sick!  We took you back to the doctor and it turns out that your ear infection hadn't improved at all.  Dr. Bennett felt it would be best to give you a shot (another first :-(  ) of concentrated antibiotics to help give you a boost towards healing.  You tolerated it well and actually cried less than you usually do when we give you the oral antibiotics (which you HATE!).  I am glad that Dr. Bennett is so kind and understanding, but I would really rather that we didn't have to see him for a while!

Mostly, right now, we are just stuck at home trying to get you guys well (daddy has a very bad ear infection and built up pressure as well!)!  However, you are becoming quite good at the stairs and are loving chasing your brother around more and more!  You love to dance with us and your funny personality is really starting to shine!

(scary pic of mama- but YOU are cute!)

You are cruising along the furniture now like a champ and even stand by yourself a little bit!  You love to jabber also!

We love you more than you can imagine Brutus Beefcake!