Tuesday, March 23, 2010

9 Months, 2 Weeks Old!

You boys are finally on the mend, although daddy is still having problems with his ear.  Life has gotten back closer to normal and we are busy as ever with co-ops and birthday parties- before we know it it will be yours!

Your cheeks have really filled out lately and you seem to be in a chubbier stage- so cute!  Your smile is killer and you definitely know how to get what you want!

You have been into everything lately and are kind of driving your brother crazy since you like to steal his toys!  Whatever he is playing with you automatically want (and vis versa!)!  He also enjoys dressing you up every now and then- such as with his hat!

You got a kick out of it!

You are also eating us out of house and home (just as I predicted!)!  You are not much into anything pureed but you LOVE finger foods!  You eat avacado, banana, corn, olives, pasta- just about whatever we are eating in small bites!  You love to be a part of our family meals and it is also nice for mama to get to sit with everyone else while we eat too!

We went to the park with the Dordal clan and you got to go in the swings for the first time and loved it!  The slides were a new and fun experience for you too!  Our little (or big!) adventurous baby!

OH!  AND you started running your fingers over your lips and going "bububububububub"!  You love the way it sounds and think it is so funny!

You still avidly suck my pinky for comfort (although I wish that you would just suck your own fingers instead!) and you love to rub and play with your hair when you're tired and you nurse.  You also still loving lay your head down on our shoulders when we pick you up- it is the sweetest thing!

You are a genuinely sweet boy and we love you bigger than the moon!