Tuesday, February 23, 2010

8 Months & 2 Weeks old!

It's official, you are now sitting at the big table with the family for meals and you couldn't be more thrilled! You just happily snack on your cheerios, or rice puff, or whatever small bits of dinner we give you, suck on you sippy (and still manage to soak yourself) and jabber away!  You just love it and it makes dinner time so much more peaceful for the rest of us (especially mama!)!

You continue to love your baths with your big bro!  Although sometimes things do get a little crazy, you are a good sport and do well at tolerating the occasional splash in the face or daring gulp of water!  In fact, you seem to think it will be a good idea to stick your mouth under the running faucet for a quick drink, however so far I have thwarted your plans!

Oh, and your hair is finally filling back in in the back!  Everyone has been mentioning lately how lighter it has gotten (which is true) but I just keep thinking how much older you look!  You are fiesty and fun and we love you!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

8 Month & 1 Week Old!

You are so talkative!  You even started talking in your sleep the other morning!  Daddy and I love to see how you study our mouths when we talk and think that most likely you will begin to verbally communicate fairly early!  You are such a social bug- you just thrive on being around groups of people and watching other kids!  We continue to joke that you were really meant to be a fifth or sixth child so that there would have been more happening to keep you busy!

To our amazement and shock you began to sip from a straw this week!  You randomly got ahold of one of your brother's cups and sucked the whole thing down in nothing flat.  Luckily it was only full of water!  You continue to amaze us and prove just how smart you really are!

You have a fascination with pulling every book and DVD off of our shelves, but most of the time I just let you because you are happy and what is it really going to hurt?!

Oh, and have I mentioned lately that you are just stinkin' adorable?!  We love you bunches!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

8 Months Old!

I feel as though I blinked and you have nearly turned into a toddler!  You are doing everything so quickly now!  You have started to climb the stairs (yikes!), you clap for things (and at the funniest moments!), and you are so darn fast!  You keep getting caught under the table too because you are too tall to stand under it but for some reason that just isn't making sense to you!

One big milestone has been taking baths with your brother in the big tub!  You two have so much fun playing with all the boats and you continue to think that R-Man is the funniest person you have ever met!  I love witnessing the bond between you two!  I think that you are going to grow up to be great friends!

Update- I forgot to mention that we took a trip up to daddy's job the other day for your brother to see the big equipment he was using, and we got some cute pics of you!  All the pics that I am in with you your brother obviously took- quite the photographer!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

7 Months, 4 weeks old!

 We have begun referring to you as "Shark Bite" because with all those new chompers you are nearly as lethal as one!  You have broken the skin on me a couple of times (particularly on my shoulder and collar bone!) but, luckily, I have begun to recognize the signs you give before you are about to go crazy while nursing, thus enabling me to avoid too much damage there.

You are a standing monster and trying to navigate between objects even sometimes!  Daddy and I look at you moving around and playing and just can't believe how old you are!  With 5 (almost 6) teeth in just three weeks and the fact that you are almost too long for your 12 months clothes (at not even 8 months!) I feel like you have turned into a toddler overnight!  I am truly cherishing our cuddle times more and more as they become less frequent!

You are starting to mimic more and I just can't help but think that you are one smart little cookie!  I taught you how to make your voice change by wagging your hand over your lips today and I couldn't believe how quickly you caught on and were doing it all by yourself!  I find such joy in seeing you learn.  You are amazing!

We had another little mock photo shoot (which all these photos are from) and I am so happy with how our pics turned out!  You get cuter every day and you look more and more like your brother and dad!








We love you sweet boy and are so proud of you!